Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Sweater

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I cast on for this sweater from "Inspired Cable Knits"...if you have that book it is the one in sort of a cloudy blue color.

The close up isn't even one repeat of the cable pattern. You see three columns of twisty cables...there are three of those three-column sets. Between each of them is the the cable pattern that you see the looks right now like a 'W' but it's more of an oval with a cable in the middle.

The recommended yarn is Mission Falls wool (17 balls!) which isn't happening. I found a substitute on Elann which is the same gauge and 100% wool and the same yardage, only it is a single ply rather than a plied yarn like MF. And it was something like $2.50 a ball. yay Elann!

I also want to knit thick cozy mittens as I have the not-unexpected wintry visions in my head, and have to keep reminding myself that winter is Oregon means it is 40 degrees. But we'll see.


Kim said...

". . .which isn't happening," she said with dry bitterness.

Anonymous said...

Not at a freakin' $7 a ball twinnee!