Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

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Or Blessed Samhain, if you lean that way.

Speaking of leaning, my cat head pumpkin is definitely leaning...but I still like it anyway. I've never been a big supporter of 'embellished' pumpkins...I guess I'm a bit of a purist...but for whatever reason I wanted to do a cat head. Maybe it was to match Tim's pumpkin, which is a frog head and looks great (I'll have to find a picture of it to put up here).

Yesterday was spent working on the bag (thank goodness for that tape that melts yarn together, as I don't think we have a sewing needle in the house). I re-blocked the bag so it isn't (hopefully) so floppy!

Last night I cast on for the mitts for Tim, and spent most of the UO-USC game working on them. I majorly modified a pattern I found online (I hate working fingers in the round) so when I finish these, I might write out the pattern.

Today a blue Stegosaurus and a pink Witch came to visit...and we lived to tell the tale!

Hope it is a wonderfully spooky day for you.

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