Monday, October 04, 2010

Knitting Things I Don't Want

Just in case you were doing a little early Christmas shopping.

1. Please don't get me the CD "Music for Passionate Knitters." I think I can figure out the music I like to knit by all by myself.
2. That beaded yarn with little skulls in it that costs something like $80 for 80 yards. I don't like skulls, so the wonderfulness is wasted on me. And I don't like Hello Kitty beaded yarn either.
3. A Knit Kit. I know they are all the rage but the individual components would just get spread out and then chewed up by Pilot, and we don't need that.
4. The book "Cowl Girls". I look horrible in a cowl. And the title just sort of makes me cringe. I'm sure it is a lovely book and full of lovely patterns for lovely people who don't look like dorks in cowls. That is, not me.
5. Anything having to do with gnomes.


Beverly said...

Wow! Great minds must think a like.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Gnome Wearing Cowl goes back in the box. . .

Tim Sheehan said...

Well I guess I'll be standing in the returns line! And I thought I was so ahead of the game this Christmas.