Sunday, November 14, 2010

As the sweater grows

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I trade off in the evenings, knitting either on this sweater or the other pink sweater. The other sweaters seems to be progressing much more quickly, but this one is going pretty well. You can see the cable designs and if you really look closely you'll see where I screwed something up but never mind about that.

It has been a wet weekend, with not much going on except watching football for most of the day yesterday (ugly win, but a win all the same for my Ducks). I also started Bill Bryson's book "At Home" which is really interesting...he is such a good writer, plus for an anglophile like me it is like wallowing in absolute britishness.

How are you?

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Kim said...

I'm sorry --- what? I can't get over this screw-up my twin sister made on a sweater. . . It's colored my entire day.