Wednesday, November 03, 2010


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Originally uploaded by kbshee

I got it in my head on a chilly day to knit Tim a pair of mitts to wear when he is out in the garage working on the kayak in the winter. However, I wanted to be able to felt them, to make them a bit warmer and more durable. I searched around a bit for a pattern, and then blended a few to make my own. Here are the steps:

1. Knit tiny little finger openings flat.
2. Seam them together into little tubes (yes, I could have done this in the round. I hate little twee in the round knitting though).
3. Pick up stitches so that the four finger openings are in a circle.
4. Knit a bunch of rounds.
5. Add the thumb.
6. Knit a bunch of rounds, decreasing for the thumb gusset.
7. Start the cuff in a 3x3 rib and knit a bunch of rounds of that.
8. Decrease to a 2x2 rib.
9. Bind off.
10. Felt

I used the same Cascade 220 from my nordic purse and the yarn felted beautifully (I do believe Cascade 220 is the best felter yarn that I've used). They look good and Tim likes them (although he has only tried them on wet).

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Kim said...

"I hate twee little in the round knitting. . ." LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

And back on the twin thing --- I assume those are your feet in the photo. My second toes crook up JUST LIKE THAT.