Friday, November 26, 2010


The new (Winter 2010) issue of Interweave Knits arrived on Wednesday. I read a lot of knitting magazines, and I'm eager to see what will happen with the 'stalwarts' (IK, Vogue Knitting, etc) now that there are interesting online options that offer pretty much the same (or same level) of designers (Knitty, Twist Collection) at different price structures. Like most traditional publications, both IK and VK seem to ignore these competitors and continue business as usual. How long will, and can, that last?

But I digress. Here is my summary of the new IK.

Winter IK: 144 pages, 27 patterns

The Good: Two of the 'stories' are to my liking: "Come Together" and "We Love Socks". "Come Together" features sweaters using two different but complimentary yarns. I particularly like the Galvanized Cardigan which uses Rowan Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze (both in my stash) and Ginerva's Pullover, which uses Malabrigo Twist and Lace. The sock patterns in the unimaginatively titled "We Love Socks" story include a nice twist on an argyle sock (the Art Deco Argyles) and two nice cable-type socks (the Alpha Socks and the Pavo Slipper Socks). Some of the striped sweaters in "Of a Different Stripe" are OK looking but nothing I would knit any type soon, but I'm not a big stripey person. I like the Gloucester Coat in "The Great Outdoors" section, except not in the burnt orange color shown and it takes about two dozen balls of Lion Brand Alpine Yarn, prices at about $6.50 for about 100 yards, which makes it a bit too pricey for me. Maybe in a less expensive yarn?

The Bad: The new cover design leaves a lot to be desired, as it shows part of a sweater and part of a face and neither looks that good. The cover titles seem a bit misleading (one of the lines is "sweaters to bust your stash', yet most of the sweaters use new yarns, so how does that work exactly?). I've never been a big fan of IK articles but one that recaps books we probably have all read about a gazillion times seems like a questionable article to include in the magazine.

The Ugly: the entire section called "The Country" features several designs that seem just sort of unwearable. I don't know what 'country' these would look good in, probably a foreign country where people would never see you again. Similarly, "The Great Outdoors" seems similarly misnamed as it features a Chanel-type houndstooth cardigan (in really big teeth, which is a bit loud for me) and a weird cape that seems more Sherlock Holmes that outside.

Overall rating: I'll probably knit 2 sweaters and at least two of the socks, and that makes this issue a good investment for me. I'd give it 4 out of 5 balls of yarn!

What did you think of it?

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Ali P said...

I LOVE the Ginerva pullover but there is no way I am buying Malabrigo for it. Soft and luxe as that is, it wears like shite soI am hunting for a good and skin friendly (and affordable) substitute. Any ideas?
The rest of the magazine kind of left me lukewarm but its been that way for me since Eunny took over.