Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seasons Eatings

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The holiday season at our house officially kicked off yesterday with Tim's birthday. I love Saturday birthdays...a whole day to celebrate, and celebrate we did with two of my favorite things: food and crafting.

We started off with breakfast and cards and presents, and then walked the dogs. We had dinner reservations, but hadn't decided about lunch. Tim's desire was a ceasar salad and a really good beer, so off we went to the Rogue brewpub (Eugene City Brewery) and did just that.

Then home, and while no Duck game yesterday there was the Cal-Stanford game (if Cal won, it would be automatic Rose Bowl for the Ducks. Alas. No such luck).

One of my gifts for Tim was a small (17") kayak model kit. It is getting a bit chilly out in the garage for him to work on the kayak, and I thought he might like more of an inside project. So he kayaked and I knit and we hung out

Then off to dinner at Osteria Sfizio: a new-ish Italian restaurant in Eugene. We had fried risotto balls and shellfish for appetizers, then rigatoni and steak followed by Pistachio and Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato. We brought a lot of it home...but it was great.

So a happy although calorie laden day to celebrate my sweetie's birthday.

I finally put together the fair isle bag. Please note the exquisite grommetry. Yes I made up that word.

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Kim said...

The description of the morning had me scratching my head. "Why would they play cards that early?