Sunday, December 12, 2010

Actual knitting content

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So I've been playing around with mitered squares with the hopes of making placemats from the squares. And so I've knit up twelve of these squares, and made a surprising discovery.

Mitered squares? They're not really squares. They're really more like kites. So the challenge for me is to manhandle these into squares so the pieces actually line up.

So stay tuned for that.

We've had a Christmas-y weekend. We put the tree in the stand and Tim put lots and lots of lights on it. Still have the ornaments to go, but the lights are my favorites anyway. Yesterday I did a test run on pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And right now Tim is working on the Christmas letter and I'm, um, blogging.

So Christmas is relatively under control at our house, at least for now. How are you?

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Kim said...

We never have enough lights.

Just put those miters together the way they fit; they can be your funky/individualist place mats.