Friday, December 10, 2010

Gifts for Knitters

Yes, I've been a bad, bad blogger but I am just finishing up the term and things are a bit busy. There is a bit of knitting happening so stay tuned!

I thought I'd take a moment to share some thoughts on holiday gifts for knitters. Knitters love to get knitting stuff, but if you are NOT a knitter, how do you know what to get for the favorite knitter on your list? My hints: unless you have specific instructions, in writing, do NOT buy your knitter yarn or needles. Or honestly, even books on knitting (unless the books are out-of-print Alice Starmore books. And on second thought, just send those to me).

So what to get for your favorite knitter? Here are my thoughts:
-a knitting pattern-a-day calendar. I love these. Some have a pattern or a stitch on every day, and even if your knitter HATES half of the patterns, there is still a lot to like. Amazon has some .
-Puppy snips. My SIL had a pair this summer and they are adorable. And a knitter can always use a travel-sized pair of snips. If you live in the San Jose area check out Yarn Dogs (where said SIL works) or buy them online .
-stitch holders. I lose these a lot, and when you need them you need them, so having extras is always great. You can buy stitch holders anywhere: from low cost ones at Michaels to higher end ones at your local LYS.
--project bags. I used to think these were silly and now I love them. Della Q makes nice ones. Etsy also sells adorable handmade ones from a variety of sellers, including FlowerPie, KnitterBag, and RoseKnits.
--Chibi needles and needle holder. The cutest accessory holder and I love those needles for weaving in ends. And I lose them a lot, so having extras is a good thing.

So there you go. Happy shopping! And knitters out there....anything to add?


Kim said...

All splendiferous ideas. Those puppy snips ARE adorable. And the Page-A-Day calendars? Indispensible.

Deb said...


Tape measures (Lantern Moon has cute ones).

Gift Cert to your Knitter's fav store.

Gift Cert for a meal out or Pizza in. (more time for knitting)

Digital Camera to take pics of projects.

There's a few. There are probably a lot more.