Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Home Stretch

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So these socks: I have been working on them forever. Putting them down, letting them get buried on my desk, and then finding them while I was looking for something else. So I set my mind to finishing them and voila. They are finished.

They are for Tim, they are Panda Wool (which I love) and are so soft and smooshy. This is a good value yarn that knits up great.

I cast on for two projects yesterday (I WARNED YOU!) and I'm making a headband for myself as well as another pair of socks. And I blocked my placemats (they still need an edging). And I also vacuumed the house and washed the sofa covers since our most recent rainy spell and exuberant Pilot together have rendered them a bit, um, funky (we spread out a bale of hay last week and that helps immensely with the mud).

Left to do: wrap gifts, buy greenies to keep the dogs occupied on Christmas morn, bake cookies, and get groceries for Christmas meals! Certainly do-able.

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Kim in Oregon said...

Minutes after I posted this, I went to empty the dryer and surprise! One sock went through the dryer and surprise! that yarn isn't superwash (new versions of Panda wool are). Ho ho ho.