Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In which I read trashy knitting mysteries and knit on the same two projects constantly

Even though I have probably close to 12 UFOs, I find myself knitting on the same two stockinette projects this week: the rainbow socks and the top down pullover. Why? Not sure. But yeah. That's the knitting news.

And even though I have several serious novels to enjoy, I find myself drawn to trashy knitting mysteries this week. It is almost embarrassing to even write that but yeah, trashy knitting mysteries. I've read "Moon Spinners" about the mystery-solving knitters north of Boston and a new series about the Black Sheep mystery-solving knitters who live east of Boston. Both series set in small towns with active artist communities, handsome new men who move in to enchant the single women mystery-solvers in the knitting groups, and oh yeah, lots of MURDER. Love 'em.

I did do a bit of work on Monday, and had a breakfast 'meeting' with a colleague and then was at the eye doctor for two hours this morning, so it isn't like I'm a total slug. Just a partial slug.

And you?

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Kim said...

I am holding up the serious-reading end of the twinship, apparently. . .