Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mad DK Skillz

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One thing I like to do during the holiday break is to try a new knitting technique. I taught myself to knit a sock one holiday, to do entrelac another holiday...I think I skipped last holiday but I started the tradition again with teaching myself double knitting.

With double knitting, one basically knits a two-sided piece of for example, a scarf with the 'smooth' side of stockinette showing on both sides. One way to do this would be to knit two stockinette scarves and then sew them together. But I did it with double knitting.

Basically, you cast on with a two colors, alternating them (on this scarf, it is purple and pink). Then it is knit with color A, purl with color B across one row, and then knit with color B and then purl with color A back. After a few rows, the stitches arrange themselves so you can see that one side is purple and the other side is pink.

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And the cool thing is that you do colorwork by changing up some of the stitches as you go along...where the purple bubble is seen is where I knit some of the pink knit stitches with purple, creating a pattern just like intarsia but it is reversible!

I didn't do a good job of explaining it, and in fact it is all kind of magical. I'm using Lucy Neatby's bubble scarf pattern ( here and apparently I forgot to do the ribbing at the start, oh well) and she explains the process very well.

Yarns: kauni effectgarn for one side, rowan calmer for the pink other side.

This one should be fun to watch. Stay tuned.

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