Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nothing to see here, folks.

Yeah. No knitting here, did you notice? It was the last week of class this week, and right in the middle was a panel I organized and hosted in Portland (on FTC regulations for environmental marketing). And then I had full days on Thursday and Friday. But all that's left is a few hours of grading and an 8 am final on Tuesday and then a few weeks off to finish formatting a textbook and prepare a grant proposal and oh yeah, there's Christmas in there and


Our Oregon Ducks football team are going to the National Championship game! I'm so excited not only because they're my team, but one of the students in the advertising sequence is a starting offensive linesman and so my colleagues and I are all thrilled for him. (He's #77, Carson York, in case you need a player to root for in January).

I have one sock for Tim sort of done, and then there's my little pile of mitered squares that I need to do something with, but little knitting this week, but stay tuned!

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Kim said...


Sorry The Duck didn't win the Mascot thing. Old Dominion must have had the fix in.

I'm down to grading, too. Hooray for calculators!