Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So it looks like nothing..

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...but it is actually a very useful finished object.

This is a headband, made from Rowan Soft Lux. There's a bit of sparklies in it, which is nice, and it is a pretty dull purple color.What I did was knit a rectangle using k3p1 rib. Then I seamed it. Voila.

I had seen a sideline commentator at some football game wearing one similar to this, pretty wide, so it covers your ears and your forehead if you wish but you avoid complete Hat Head. Which is my goal.

I'll get a pic of me with it on so you can see that it is something. Not much, but something.

Christmas preparations continue: Tim and I made sausage today and I did most of the holiday dinner shopping that needed to be done. Cookies this afternoon!

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Kim said...

Our baking comes tomorrow sometime. And we've still got a holiday video or two to watch.