Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Sock for Tim

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So I have been knitting on this sock for a while, for Tim. The yarn is Crystal Palace something....probably Panda wool and the colors are nice and blended and these socks feel really good. I'm about to turn the heel on sock 2 so these will be done soon.

As I mentioned, the house is all Christmas-sy. You might recall that last Christmas, we were very worried about Pilot and the tree. To that end, we put up a low fence around the tree (that had previously served as our rabbit's outdoor pen) and he still nosed some of the lower down ornaments, but the season passed without incident. This year, he has not even seemed to notice that the tree exists. We hung some non-breakable and non-chewable ornaments down pretty far, but--nothing. The only issue we've had is that our little black cat, Stella, goes into the room at night and nibbles on branches.

We're very thankful that the rusty purple fence gets to stay outside getting rustier this holiday.

How do your pets react to trees and such?

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Kim said...

Our cats love to sleep under our tree --- none of them has ever bothered an ornament. A couple of them like to drink water out of the treestand well.

Jessie always knew when it was Christmas. Rupert, as with most things, doesn't seem to know the tree is there. Finn likes to chase the cats in general, and thinks they're sitting ducks (!) when they're under the tree. He'll go charging in after them and knock an ornament or a branch lose. Which he IMMEDIATELY prefers to the hunt.