Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From new VK

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This is one of the sweaters in the new VK. I saw it, I figured I had yarn for it, I thought it looked like a fast knit, and it looks comfortable. And I liked the cable on the back.

It's this one, on the left, with the cool cable in the back.

If you blow up this picture, you can probably see the cable. But I'll post another picture soon, because I'm all done with the back! Yes! It took a horrible football game Saturday night, half a not-interesting one Sunday, and a sad, sad one last night but I got the entire back done! I hoe to have the whole sweater done by February 1, so I can still wear it this winter.

My work is going great: I think I will finish one book tomorrow and get that over to Kinko's for printing. Very excited!

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