Sunday, January 09, 2011

One sleeve down

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I finished the first sleeve on "Somebody's PUllover" from the new IK (somebody is someone's name, I just can't recall what it is and I'm too lazy to scroll down to check. Amelia's Pullover? Maybe?" If it looks a bit off balance in the photo, it is because the neck opening ends somewhere right around the top of one's cleavage. There's an insert knit in fingering weight yarn that goes here and it's all drapey and pretty. It should be a good looking sweater! And have I mentioned I love no seams? And raglans?

Spent much of yesterday watching football, where my beloved Colts lost their wild card game. I hope that does not bode well for tomorrow night, when my even more beloved Ducks fight for the BCS championship! Things are, as you might imagine, insane in Eugene (and apparently up and down the west coast). Luckily I don't have class tomorrow, as I'm sure it will be hard to concentrate. Me and students.

So I encourage you to root tomorrow during the 'little thing in Arizona' (as one of my favorite football playing students refers to it) for your favorite team, especially if it is my favorite team. GO DUCKS!

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Kim said...

Auburn is closed tomorrow. Seems to me the day to shut down because of the game would be Tuesday.

Having no cleavage, I just have to imagine where that neckline is.