Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review of KnitScene: Winter-Spring 2011

Knitscene is a sister publication of Interweave Knits, presenting itself as 'simple, stylish and spirited". They've just announced they'll move from twice a year to quarterly. The patterns tend to include a bit more technical information, and I've knit several things from the magazine in the past.

The Good: lots of patterns: 26 patterns in this $7.99 magazine. Not a lot of editorial filler which is fine with me. The first section features patterns by Debbie O'Neill, and I like the Paperboy Cardigan and the Bas Relief socks..if you like cable work, these are great choices for you. The 'go farther afield' section features patterns with one or two small little twists: I immediately went to the stash to see if I have yarn to cast on for the Chiton Pullover (also the cover look above). There are two cute hoodies in the 'belted' section. If you like simple, classic looks, this issue is a great choice for you. The section on knitting fair isle without steeks has great information and some cute patterns too.

The bad: the magazine has lots of different looks that will appeal to lots of different knitters. Of course, every knitter has their own likes and dislikes, and several of the projects are just not my style. The shawls in the "individual unique" section look sort of unbalanced, and cowls and shrugs look great on paper but not on me. Some of the yarn choices don't work for me: I like the Mette-Merit pullover but a summer top in winter colors seems odd. And please, magazine people, don't put long sleeve shirts under summer tops. It just looks weird.

The ugly: nothing is really ugly. If I had to point something out, I'd say the colors in the 'solveig yoke' aren't going to work on a lot of people. And the pattern names are awkward and silly. USE REAL WORDS, IK. Or go the non-twee route a la Vogue.

Bottom Line: Like I said, if you like simple and classic styles, this is a good choice for you.


Ling said...

I like Knitscene for many of the reasons that you've set out.

kathy b said...

Came to you from LIngs blog. :)

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