Sunday, January 02, 2011

Why doesn't purple photograph well?

Originally uploaded by kbshee
This sweater is a really rich purple color, which I can never capture with the digital camera. But here it is. This sweater looks like it has a deep square neckline, but then a collar is knit in lace weight in the same colorway and attached. It should look nice when it is finished.

I have about 6" or so left to knit of the body, so clearly it won't be finished by tomorrow when I go back to work. But hopefully this will get done so I can wear it this season. I've pretty much given up on getting the pink cable sweaters done this season.

I've also been designing a pair of mittens in my head, and I"m kind of itching to start on those but I have to wind the yarn first. And maybe I should focus on my other WIPs...nah.


Kim said...

I don't think any yarn photographs true. That we are especially attached to purple makes the inaccuracy painful.

Beverly said...

It still looks lovely. What pattern are you knitting?