Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Knitting

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I don't do a lot of baby knitting. I've knitted a couple of hats and a sweater. Maybe it is because I don't know a lot of babies!

But friends, baby knitting is fun! It is fast! It is tiny and cute! So I wish I knew more babies. Babies,if you're out there and want something knitted, tweet me!

Anyway, one of my former doctoral students is having a baby next month, so I'm knitting this cute little red cardigan all in one piece. Here you see the back (on the left), one half of the front (on the right) and the sleeves. I put the cute little heart buttons on the back but you can't see them, so I'll take a picture later (Joy and Dale are having a little girl named Isabella, so I'm putting little hearts on the sweater to make it girly).

The yarn is "old" cotton ease from the stash. Cherry red. But you could tell that!


Beverly said...

I totally agree with you. The main reason I love knitting for babies is that they are fast and oh so cute!

Anonymous said...

The reason babies are ever born is for people to knit great things for them.