Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Kniterversary

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I started knitting on Super Bowl Sunday, 2004.

Well, I knew how to knit before that, but it didn't really stick. I remember in 2004 just DECIDING I wanted to knit and went to Michael's and bought a 'learn to knit' kit that had a pattern for a homespun scarf knit in garter stitch. Some pattern! Anyway, that's when I started (apparently I had little interest in the teams) and I created something with huge holes in it but I found a passion.

So 7 years later, here I am. I certainly am a good knitter, but not a great knitter. In my good column: I can knit a sock without a pattern, I'm not afraid to try new things, I've made a lace shawl. In the not-great column: I still can't set in a sleeve, in fact that whole 'finishing' aspect to a sweater is not my strong suit, and I'm one of those people that won't rip back, unless the error is really awful.

I think that might make me a process, not a product, knitter.

But it has been a great seven years. Knitting has stretched me creatively and personally, and has allowed me to make some good friends both in person and on line, and I'm looking forward to what's next in the knitting world.

Interestingly, my SIL Candace called last night and we're planning a meet-up at Sock Summit in July. Who wants to come?


Kim said...

Oooooooh! Oooooooooh! Dr. Sheehan! Pickmepickmepickme!

kathy b said...

Im not a great knitter either. I LOVE to knit and blog however. Your socks are wonderful. Your SUPERBOWL knitaversary is so cute. What a great memory for a starting point...or kick off! Sorry had to PUN

Ling said...

Happy Knitaversary! You're a wonderful knitter. You've knitted so many things that have inspired me.