Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review of Spring IK

The arrival of a new Interweave Knits is generally a time for whoopin' and hollerin' at my house. Usually the knitting boards are busy posting previews of the new issue, and anticipation builds. So I was kind of surprised when I opened the mailbox yesterday and there was Spring IK. No previews, so chatter, at least that I saw. And then I remembered, it was the Spring issue.

Historically, the Spring IK and I do not really see eye-to-eye.

I'm not a big spring and summer knitter: I'm not thrilled about knitting with cotton yarns, and oftentimes spring and summer patterns end up more in the 'halter' category than in the 'tasteful top' category. So it was with some trepidation that I looked at the magazine, and, for better or worse, it did not disappoint.

The Good: Well, there are 22 patterns, so on a cost per pattern basis this is a good deal. Of these 22, there are 2 that I might...might...consider knitting. I haven't knit with linen yarn but I might consider this one if I ever buy yarn again. In the twee named "Mod*u*lar" section there's a Hexagon Petal Tee with interesting construction in a gorgeous color, and that might be one for me to knit this spring. It has pretty finishing around the edges and looks like it might be flattering on a lot of different body types.

The Bad: It worries me when a magazine photograph makes a pattern looks unflattering. If they can't make it look good for the magazine, there is no way it is going to look good on me. I like some of the photographs of the Leaf and Picot cardigan but when I look at it full on I think it looks awful. I like the pattern around the yoke in the Heliotropic Pullover but it looks like a big bag on this model. And of course, readers of my blog will know how I feel about the 'shirt under a spring top' styling (hint: I don't like it). I love entrelac, and at first got excited about the Curvy Squares Tee but the more I look at it, the more it just looks sloppy. Really, IK? This is the best you can show us?

The Ugly: But nothing, my friends, nothing takes the cake like the The Lara Bubble Top. At first I was excited by the pretty detailing around the yoke, but look at the hip area. Look at it! Oh, how I wish I could post the schematic, because on the smallest size, that sucker is 54" around. On the size I would wear, it is 73" around. And if you're a bigger person, the last thing you want is all that fabric around your hip area. What were they thinking with this one? Who would wear it? Where, as Nina Garcia would say, is the taste level?

I'm sorry to be mean, but I am incredibly disappointed with this issue. And there's still Summer to come before back to the safety of fall.


kathy b said...

I think your honesty is refreshing. I have been a bit disenchanted with the magazine lately too. I need things that are simpler and more normal looking.

Ali P said...

I have not totally gone gaga for an issue since Eunny took over. I wish I did because I like her knitting etc but maybe the caliber of designs submitted has dipped? There has to be some explanation other than who is at the helm. That said, the Fall and Winter issues are always my favourites.