Saturday, February 05, 2011

Thank you socks

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As you might know, I rarely knit for other people other than my wonderful husband. Other members of my family have been less than, well, enthusiastic about knitting things I've given them, so that has sort of put me off.

I'm making these socks...just basic, nice kind of thick socks, for our wonderful vet. We really appreciate her...we have her email and her cell phone numbers and she always encourages us to get in touch with her when we need to. We do our best not to abuse that privilege. She has also been with us for the passing of all our dogs, and we rely on her to help us know when to make some tough decisions.

How do you thank an incredible vet? We've made donations to the animal shelter in her name a few times, but we wanted to do something more personal. So I asked her if she would like a pair of hand knitted socks, and she seemed delighted. These colors seem like her: bright, yet earthy.

Tim is going to give her a pot, as well.

Juneau still hangs in there, with a huge will to live, but she's a bit like a tire with a tiny prick in it, and she leaks a bit of energy out every day. She had a final appointment at the vet hospital at OSU yesterday, and the vets there gave us some chemo drugs to give her at home (under the skin). The tests yesterdays showed the chemo hasn't worked, so this is our last try to see if we can get something working.

But she's comfortable and still enjoys a good cookie, so we're looking forward to another weekend with her.


Ling said...

I think the vet would like the socks you're knitting for her.

Hope you have a good weekend with Juneau.

Kim said...

Won't even discuss my mis-read of what Tim gave the vet. . .

"Comfortable and still enjoys a good cookie. . ." sounds like a pretty good aim for us all, doesn't it?

EVERY BIT of my love.