Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank you socks

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I finished these socks for our vet, although I haven't seen her yet to give them to her. They turned out nicely, and I hope she'll like them.

We've had a good week. Juneau had bloodwork on Tuesday and the results show that some of her counts are up. And there is some indication that she's making some new red blood cells. So we may be moving to some sort of remission for a bit. She seems happy and with a bit more energy, although she is still a very tired girl.

We are over our colds but the tired-ness still remains. It's a busy time at school--week 7 out of 10, with all the associated craziness to get stuff done before finals week and the end of the term.

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Ling said...

I think your vet will be very happy with those socks. They're great!