Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too tired for a clever title

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I was toying with 'do you felt me" or "I felt like it" or something like that but I'm at the tail end of a head cold so nothing sounds right to me right now. Tim has had this same cold since last Saturday, and I picked it up Monday night. We both slept for ten hours last night which helped a bit. Juneau is still with us, her will to live is amazing but we see her slipping away a bit every day. So one thing about having colds is that we've been home a lot, still enjoying time with her.

My football knitting projects were felted clogs, and I finished the pair last weekend (and that certainly made a nice bump in my knitting total). The soles are Cascade 220 and the tops are Malabrigo.

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I felted them this afternoon and they are still a little big (after almost two hours in the washing machine...yay front loaders!). But I really like the way the malabrigo blended to get all watercolor looking while the black soles and trim set it off so well.

They are air drying right now, only because I'm too lazy to get the laundry out of the dryer and put the clogs in there. But, the dryer might take care of that final inch I need to shrink them down.

Happiest of Birthdays today to my dear twinnie Kim and may many more cupcake filled days be yours.

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Kim said...

Love you, love the clogs, love Juneau.