Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two days=808 yards?

I have two days left in the month, two days to knit 808 yards to keep up with my 'mile a month' knitting goal. And.

I don't think I"m going to do it. Oh well.

The whole purpose of this year is to knit down stash. Which I'm done..and I have only bought one ball of yarn, and that was to replace a sock that I accidentally felted.

And I set the 'mile a month' sort of arbitrarily (it sounds good, no?).

And the month only has 28 days. If I had those 3 extra days...

But I'm almost done with a pair of socks (330 yards) and I used about half a ball of Cotton Ease on finishing up the baby sweater, so I'm about HALFWAY to the goal. So I'll call it a good month and move on to March.

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kathy b said...

WEll finishing a baby sweater is a big deal>>>>I'll say you did really well!