Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend summary

1. <* Rain and a bit of icy stuff and some sun and then some drizzle.> Repeat from *.
2. "The Metropolis Affair". Kind of good but kind of draggy. If you like opera go ahead and give it a read.
3. Walk in the arboretum with dogs and Tim. Juneau happy to be out in the fresh air!
4. Started "The 25th Hour" but stopped after about one hour. We just weren't into it.
5. Episode 1 of "Luther" instead.
6. Copyediting.
7. Reading grad projects.
8. FINALLY figuring out what my spring term class is going to be about.
9. Knitting a baby gift and a sock.
10."Why not say what happened: a memoir" by Ivana Lowell. Crazy Irish aristocracy throughout the ages. Can't quite figure out what compells one to write a memoir but glad they do.


kathy b said...

I love to read other peoples your reviews too! and I loved your pattern

xerox said...

So, what's the class about?