Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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IMG_3693.JPG a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

This week is spring break, a lovely week with no classes. Tim is busy working on his thesis, the weather is cold and drizzly, and I'm spending time doing a few things: 1. organizing 2. working 3. knitting and 4. reading.

On the organization front, I've told myself to spend half an hour straightening up one of the three "organizational dead zones" in our house: the guest/yarn room, my desk in the office, and my dresser. Yesterday was the guest/yarn room, and I got it pretty well organized (at least now you can SEE the bed and all the yarn is put away). And. New projects were placed in project bags and put in their own cubbyhole. The downside is I have four new projects planned. In addition to the rest of the WIPs. Oh well.

On the working front, trying to get a jump on my classes for next term. One new prep and one falrly new prep (i've switched up 80% of the cases I'm using). I've sort of been on autopilot for teaching this year and I'd like to be a bit better this term.

Knitting: I'm finishing stuff (good, since there is more stuff to knit) and I THINK I have a good picture of the Astor sweater in progress. Look carefully: you can see the 'windowpane' pattern on the left side of the photo. I really can't believe how fast this sweater is going. If you want instant gratification, truly, try this sweater.

Reading: I've read Allison Pearson's "I think I love you" about a crush on David Cassidy (but so much more) and now I'm reading "Wits End" by Karen Jay Fowler. Allison Pearson's book got me thinking that even though I was sort of the age for a David Cassidy/Donny Osmond/Bobby Sherman/Greg fromthe Brady Bunch crush, I didn't have one. If you were a teen in the early 70s, did you have a teenybopper crush? I think I recall a crush on Peter from the Monkees. But not the 'cut out his picture' from Tiger Beat crush. How about you?


Anonymous said...

OHGOD, where do I start? Or stop? First crush: Davy from the Monkees. Then switched to Mike. Bobby Sherman, CHECK. David Cassidy, CHECK. Donny Osmond, EEEWWWW. Any Brady, DOUBLETHEOSMOND.

But, now I have "I Think I Love You" a-play in my brain.

Kim in Oregon said...

Twinnie! So funny. ANd glad we don't have to bitch slap one another over our preferred Monkee.

Kim in Oregon said...

Any Brady? Even Bobby?

Anonymous said...

Bobby would have been the closest. But, no dice.

Peter Tork's birthday is the day after mine. Ours. You know.

Anonymous said...

I DO have to admit that Donny has grown up to be quite handsome.