Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Review of Spring/Early Summer VK

VK has increased their publication schedule to six issues per year. I had sort of forgotten that, and was pleasantly surprised to find the spring/early summer issue in the mailbox this morning. The theme of the issue is Spring Sizzle! The cover is grey and white with bright (and I mean BRIGHT) orange type.

I'm not an orange person, so between the orange type and the fact that it is a spring/summer issue I wasn't expecting a lot from this issue. So let's get started.

The Good: For $6.99 you'll get 29 patterns, which is a pretty good value. The patterns are divided into 7 'stories' (although honestly, three of those 'stories' run together). The two 'stories' I like the best are "It's All White Now" and "Postcards from Rio". "It's All White Now" features...guess what? Knits in white! Which I'd never do because honestly, I'm prone to spillage. But, there's some cute things here (#1, #3, #4, #7 (the cover look) and #8). Nothing I'm going to run off and knit tomorrow, but I will go root around the stash to see if I can make #3. The 'Rio' story features bright colors and some pretty basic patterns but #21, a sleeveless wrap tunic is worth the price of admission. I love this one. Norah Gaughan's pattern, #22, is great too.

The bad: I will never knit (nor wear) a knit bikini (or bikini period) so the "So Hot it Sizzles" story is a waste of paper for me. And since I won't wear a bikini, I really don't need a knit cover up (granted, I'm from the school of thought that the perfect beach coverup is a big old t shirt and a pair of shorts). So that eliminates the "Under cover" and "Sheer Beauty" stories for me. And the lace tops on "Summertime Blues" are just kind of boring. Although THANK YOU VK for putting cute little tshirts under knits as opposed to clunky long sleeve shirts that your unnamed competitor uses.

The ugly: Sorry VK, but Setting off Sparks (scroll down) is unwearable, regardless of how cutesy it is. And VK continues its tradition of whackadoodle accessories by using huge, oversized flowers to style the "All White Now" story. And there's a really unfortunate ad on the back cover.

There you go. What do you think of this issue?


kathy b said...

thanks for your review. I'll save the money. I wont wear or knit a bikini either. I wont knit white either!!! Thanks for a great and informative review..you saved me a few bucks!

Ling said...

I have to say I love the cover hoodie but probably not in white! And another no from me for knit bikinis! Not just no, but NEVER!