Friday, March 04, 2011

Twilight for Academics

This week I read the new novel "A Discovery of Witches." I loved it.

As I plan to describe the plot, I realize that it is going to sound, um, please don't dismiss it as another silly "I'm in love with a vampire" novel because it isn't.

An American historian finds an unusual book at the Bodleian Library at Oxford (OK who can't love has ACADEMICS in ENGLAND!). It turns out the book is one being sought by a number of interested groups, groups that all think the book may hold the key to their continued existence on earth. OK, so the groups are witches (our Academic hero), Vampires and a group called Daemons (but not "Golden Compass" Daemons...these are some race of magical people with powers I"m unclear about).

In the course of her work to discover why the book is so precious, our witchy heroine Diana encounters Matthew (vampire) and Diana has to determine whether she can trust him enough in her search (because spoiler alert: vampires and witches HATE each other! Who knew? I thought all magical creatures lived happily in a Hogmeade like environment).

The book is well written, well researched, and the only weakness is that it ventures into sugary sweet romance territory just a few times too often, but soon returns to the fascinating story of magical creatures in our world. And it begs the question: why can't we all just get along?

Even better (for me) it is the first in a trilogy. And the way it ends, you really want to know what happens next. Oh well. That's what 2012 is for.


Ling said...

Ooh - I love your description of this book. I'll definitely put that in my to read list. It has witches, vampires and daemons - what's not to love!

Kim said...