Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taking a Breath

I know I know.
It has been a while.
Last week was a blur...packed a week of work into two days, then went to Phoenix for two conferences, gave two presentations, saw family, did business schmoozy things, got back Saturday at midnight, spent most of Sunday brain dead, and then a full day yesterday. Today, room to breathe a bit.

And yeah, almost no knitting although three balls of yarn now have frequent flier miles.


Jeanne said...

Hi Kim!

I just found your blog, through searching for flick carding alpaca.

Cute sweater-to-be! I'll have to check out that yarn.

Keep breathing and hang in there!

Oh, BTW, I'm in Oregon too! La Pine, though, other side of the mountain. :)

Kim in Oregon said...

Hi Jeanne! I kind of gave up on Flick Carding and bought a drum carder last summer. I really need to get back to that! Will you go to Black Sheep Gathering this year?

kathy b said...

haha ff miles love it