Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review of IK Weekend 2011

Interweave Knits published the "Weekend" magazine once a year. I think the idea is that this special issue provides ideas for weekends throughout the year (although I'm not sure in the IK world how a weekend differs from your basic Monday or Thursday). There are also a few articles which readers of my blog know I really don't read.

The stories are divided by season with March to May featuring some warm thing, June and July having lighter things, August to September a bit of a catchall, October filled with more warm things, November has even more, and December has gifties. Sort of an awkward arrangement but it's not like you need to be a rocket scientist to get through the issue.

The Good: 33 patterns for $13...not bad. And I like several of the patterns. I absolutely love this, the 8000 foot hoodie by Amanda Scheuzger. In fact, I'd pay half of the cover price...ok 2/3 of the price...for the pattern. I went running to the stash immediately to see if I have anything to make this out of and SURPRISE I do!

Also in the good, there's a nice tote (the Hold everything tote), Meg Swanson's Twisted-Sttich Stockings, Kilronan Mittens and the Braided Slipper Socks, and a cute marionette that I'll never make but it is still cute.

AND a cute kid's coat that I would make for myself if it was just a bit bigger: the Paddington Duffle Coat.

The Bad: some sad photography on the Almost-Cabled Pullover (can't see any details), some sad yarn choices on the Riot Yoke Pullover, and too many cowls for this girl.

The Ugly: guess what, nothing ridiculous! Of course a few things photographed in the traditional IK manner, meaning a t shirt under the top, but on the whole it's a nice collection of patterns. Nothing earth shattering, but lots of things that look comfortable.

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