Wednesday, June 22, 2011

With a week to go..

I'm 300 yards and change from meeting my 'knit five miles of yarn' goal in the first half of the year.

I've been very focused on getting rid of stash this year. Everything I've knit I've knit from stash, and I've only bought a few balls of yarn: one ball of sock yarn to replace a sock that I shrank, and the other a few balls that are part of a kit for a gift for someone who reads the blog.

This weekend is the Black Sheep Gathering, and I'm not planning to purchase anything...there just isn't a point. I might not even go. I'm at the place where I don't want to buy every single yarn I see, and I want to stay there for a while.

Will I actually hit that magic number? Yes and no. I only total up yarn when I finish a ball, and most of the things I'm working on now use bigger balls of yarn. One does use 90 yard balls so I bet I could get through a few of those. If I focus on one project I could probably do it, but the important thing is that I know I AM doing it, not that the numbers hit exactly on an arbitrary measurement system.

But it would be nice to hit that five mile mark..........

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Bil said...

And there are not going to be any alpacas at Black Sheep this year. :(