Wednesday, July 13, 2011


IMG_3897 by kbshee
IMG_3897, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

This is a blurry picture of a sock in progress that's done now, but it is either this or yet another picture of the fair isle thing.

Which, friends, will be done today. Yay! The last few rounds had a bit of a wonky pattern (I'm not sure exactly what it is meant to look like) but I think I have two pattern rows and then some ribbing for the next (4cm, not for rounds as mentioned earlier, darn) and then seaming and then done.

I kind of can't believe it is almost done but there you go.

Busy day yesterday with running statistics and two meetings and RAIN but still found enough time to do some knitting (not much else though). Today should be calmer (working word: should).

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Mistrmi said...

Thanks for explaining it's the photo that's blurry --- I thought my glasses prescription needed changing PRONTO.