Monday, July 25, 2011


Juneau has been doing so well that we forget she's sick. Until, of course, things come crashing down to remind us that she is.

It was hot yesterday--our first day this year over 80, and it was kissing 90 by mid afternoon. Tim went for a paddle, and I took the dogs to walk along the canoe canal as he paddled. I thought it would be fine, it wasn't a long walk, it was on bark, not pavement, and there were lots of trees. We walked one way, sat in the shade for a bit, caught up with Tim,and then headed back.

I could tell both dogs were very hot by the time we got to the car...Pilot crawled under the car to get some shade. Juneau had trouble getting in the car, but that's not that unusual. We blasted the AC and drove home, and Juneau collapsed as soon as she got out of the car. She could barely walk but was coherent, and Tim carried her in. We soaked her on the floor of the bathroom, right in front of the AC, and monitored her temperature. It came down pretty quickly from a scary high of 106, and after about fifteen minutes she seemed back to normal.

She's doing fine...we took a walk in the cool, cloudy early morning already and she kept up fine and enjoyed it. She's now hanging out with Pilot, and I think the crisis has passed. But I can't tell you how horrible I feel. To think we could have lost her for something so avoidable is eating at me....heat stroke is lethal to many dogs. We both agreed this is a great wake up call for both of us.

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