Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Number 2

IMG_3993 by kbshee
IMG_3993, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

Still loving the hexipuffs.

So, it is the last day of August. Summer is winding down, and I"m happy that I finished those three sweaters that I wanted to finish (oh, I still need to do the icord for the bright pink one but I'll knock that out sooner or later).

Also, I did a great job knitting stash this month...I'm already about 1/4 of the way into the next mile, and since knitting will slow down this month I'll need that little bump.

I still have a few weeks before classes start and I'm pretty much ready. In denial but ready.

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Kim said...

"In denial, but ready." Sounds like a perfectly legitimate life strategy.