Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review of Fall 2011 VK

It's Fall! It's that time when all us knitters get so excited about beautiful new patterns in the magazines we love! The new VK is "In the Mood for Romance" and hey, I'm all for that! Let's take a peek.

The GOOD: 37 patterns PLUS a bunch of free sock patterns in a special advertising section (well, you have to download them at vk.com, but that's not bad. These free patterns are good, especially the ones from Alpaca with a Twist and Mountain colors. Nice job! The Masterpiece Classics are black, grey and white knits that should make an anglophile's heart go ba bump. I like the gloves, the cute shawl collar sweater, the hat, and I see things I like in all of them. Cute mittens and scarves in the "What You Want NOW" section, and the braided cowl looks intriguing.

The BAD: Nothingin the Stripe It Right section speaks to me: bulky striped short sleeve knits? Really? Many of the sweaters are just so BIG with no sleeves..what is up with that...in the Lace section and the All About Ease section.

The Ugly: why why why? Why take nice sweaters and knit them up in ugly green colors? Green is a hard color, and my friends, the greens might not look that awful on your computer screen but in the magazine they are much, much brighter.

And VK does not disappoint on styling.

Apparently someone at VK has been watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

On the balance, though, I'm happy with the issue. Plus, many of the ads feature great patterns that are for free on websites. Yep. Happy. What did you think?

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Kim said...

For some reason, I've started getting VK. The greens were pretty shades. But, oy, do they need a new art director! It took me several minutes to find the knit pieces in some of the photos.