Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review of Debbie Bliss magazine Fall/Winter 2011

OK I admit it...I love Debbie Bliss. I love her yarns, and I love her magazines, and I love her books. Not surprisingly, this new issue does not disappoint (at least me).

The Good: 32 patterns in fair isle, cable, intarsia, and plain old knitting (and for $8, that's like what? Twenty five cents a pattern?). She has sweaters, scarves, baby clothes, pillows, and more.

The First Section, "The Bold Standard", has a bunch of knits in black, white and grey fair isle. MY PALETTE! I'm sure I"ll knit the handwarmers, and the next time I buy yarn I'll buy it for the white fair isle cardigan. There's a slouchy hat I'll make, and basically I can see myself making any of these sweaters. I have a small, tiny, wee bone to pick: several sweaters have those annoying bracelet sleeves, but honestly it wouldn't be hard to lengthen them.

The second section has scarves, which normally bore me, but I've been itching to do another entrelac scarf (I have the yarn) and voila, Debbie has one for me. There's also a beautiful scarf in her new yarn, Riva, which is gorgeous (it's on the cover. And I love the styling. I want black hair and bangs. Now).

If you like animal prints, there are some fun pillows, desk accessories, and boot socks in animal prints. These aren't me, but they might be good for gift knitting. OH and a cute little dog sweater too. SO CUTE.

Finally, there are adorable bunny slippers which I'm definitely making for my friend Kati's baby (check out the image here .

The Bad: There's an odd one armed cable wrap and an odd giant poncho thingee in mustard, but those are the only things that I can point out.

Did I mention I love this magazine?

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Look atchyu, doin' that per-pattern math!