Sunday, October 02, 2011

Week 1 done

Sorry this is upside down, but that is what the sweater body looks like. Yay, it is done! The sleeves are also knit side to side which is kind of an adventure, but I think it will all work out well. I have half of the first sleeve done and it looks cool.

Although apparently what I thought was the RS is the WS, so that's going to take some getting used to. Just a bit.

Had a good first week of classes, but due to renovations at my building I don't have an office, so I have to time arrivals better than I used to. I held office hours at a coffee shop on campus which was also kind of interesting. It is not fun to tote a bunch of stuff around all the time but I'll get used to it.

It is fall here, now, with the rain starting Friday night. Still warm which is a bonus. And the tree frogs outside the window are terrific to hear!

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Kim said...

You also got the frog-appreciating gene.