Wednesday, January 04, 2012

As Tim Gunn would say...

IMG_4123 by kbshee
IMG_4123, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

...'that's a lot of look.'

So this is what I knit yesterday--this ruffly scarf that looks a bit like a boa and weighs absolutely nothing. It's Rowan Kidsilk Creation, which is pretty amazing. Basically, you get several yards of a Kidsilk Tube, and you knit the tube in such a way that you form ruffles. There's videos out there that explain it, and it is simple and literally takes an hour and a half to make this scarf.

It's not a scarf that will keep you terribly warm, and it is a bit fancy for me, but it is pretty fun. If I'm every dressed up then I would wear this. Also, if you know someone who would like this, it would make a great gift. Kind of ingenious!

Today is my 'just do it' day. School starts Monday and while I'm fine for classes, I've a list of things to do around the house and to get going for next week. We were up early today (Tim's Corvallis day) and I did one thing I've been wanting to do for a while: cleaned out my jewelry drawer.

Here's a question: what do you do with all your old fashion (costume) jewelry? I have a bunch of stuff from the late 80s that I love but looks very outdated now. I hate to throw it away. Any thoughts?

I also had the dogs out for a long walk (I kept thinking about cutting it short but said to myself 'just do it', mostly because it is a beautiful winter day--cold and clear). Now I'm going to read some Comp Exam answers and start on a new sweater.


Beverly said...

Lovely! I've read about this yarn so it's great to see it worked up.

KSD said...

Just watched a video about this: couldn't be easier! And the British knitter/tutor kept saying, "Carry on," which I found comforting somehow.

florapie said...

I made one of those for Christmas-it totally served the purpose of looking way fancier than it actual was, although I was so bored with it before it was done...

As for the jewelry, and speaking of Christmas, I've seen some cool wreaths made out of old costume jewelry. Or, could you take it apart to salvage beads for stitch markers?

rosy said...

I LOVE this! I looked at the video and I think I can do it ~ although I don't knit like that! My mum taught me the continental way and I always thought that it was only in the UK that knitting was done in the way it is on the video! I always imagined that the rest of the world knits the way I do!