Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

IMG_4108 by kbshee
IMG_4108, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

Wow, the last ten days have gone by so fast. Although, oddly, it seems like Christmas was forever ago.

We did make it til midnight, enjoyed watching Downton Abbey again, and Tim's dinner was scrumptious. The morning brought coffee and crosswords and a long dog walk, followed by the annual tradition of taking down the tree and putting the decorations away--the house always looks so big without all the trimmings!

I also put a pot of chili on the slow cooker and now we're settling in for football and relaxation. And tomorrow---ROSE BOWL! Go Ducks!

Oh I forgot. I finished the Sunrise Circle Jacket, which I tweaked to add the ribbing around the whole sweater. I'm sure I'll make another one---with more ribbing, I really like how the ribbing looks. I love that sweater!


KSD said...

That is FABULOUS!! I'd love to make one --- but I bet there are DPNs in the mix, huh?

rosy said...

Oh I'm so please you have been watching Downton ~ we all love it over here!
I missed the Christmas episode at the time but looked at the second half yesterday evening. Although I now know what happens I would still like to see the whole thing as I understand that Violet has the best lines all the way through. She is really 'something else' ~ everyone's favourite character!!
Also managed to pick up the first series on dvd just before Christmas so will be doing 'Marathon View' over a few evenings. Yay!!! Cosy nights in with Downton is just waht the Doctor ordered!!