Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Knitting Revelation

IMG_4141 by kbshee
IMG_4141, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

This is a new project called Heartbreak. I was wandering around Ravelry looking for something to make and this jumped out at me and I started on it pretty fast with yarn in the stash.

Because, and here comes the revelation--as much as I knit with all kinds of colors, I really only wear black and gray. Oh socks don't count (although in the past few months I've been suggesting to myself that some black and gray socks would be a nice idea) but if you would now step into my closet, you would see black black black black heather gray black black black black light gray black black black dark gray.

It explains a bit why I don't wear my handknits that much--I always feel like a BEACON OF COLOR when I don't wear one of my safe choices.

So this scarf was absolutely me--and while knitting it, I can see how it could use other yarns that would integrate other colors and even self striping but I don't think I'll actually do that because it is NOT GRAY or BLACK.

I think I am very happy in my little dark comfort zone and that will drive my knitting choices, at least for a while.

Although I did wrap a red scarf around my (gray) sweater this morning.


Rachel said...

me too on the comfort zone (as I sit here in all black including my socks!). although I do wear colorful hats and socks.

I really like this pattern...already favorite'ed it. Looking forward to seeing your finished one!

KSD said...

I hope there was a fainting couch near when you put on that red scarf.

You know, there just aren't enough fainting couches around anymore. Someone should get on that.