Sunday, February 05, 2012

Much Concentration Required

IMG_4164 by kbshee
IMG_4164, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

So---yesterday I spent a bit of time figuring out the next steps on my modified Tangled Yoke cardigan. Just to recap:

-I"m using a much thicker yarn than the pattern requires
-Luckily, the pattern gives instructions in 'inches' (ie knit until the cuff is 7 inches) as opposed to its evil cousin 'rows'.
-However, I had to do some mathy math in order to figure out a)where to put the sleeves and b)how many stitches to put on hold for the underarm.
-Hence the calculator and pen.

This is going well. The whole 'yoke' part is 9" and the only question is how much of that 9" will be taken up with the cable pattern...and I have the technology to do the mathy math, just not the desire, hence winging it. Never good, I know, but it will be OK.

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