Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yep, it is spring in Oregon.
We woke up to the radio saying the UO was on a two hour delay, and my friends, that DOES NOT HAPPEN. I cannot recall a time where we delayed for weather while classes were in session. And in fact, this week is finals week. How messy is this: 8am finals were cancelled til spring term, and 10:15 finals were moved to 1pm. Some of my students had 10:15 finals and 2pm flights out of town, not sure what will happen with them!
The Internets (and the rest of the electricity) were out for a bit over two hours (we were fortunate), and Pilot snuck out the front door for a romp around the neighborhood.

I've managed to get some work done, and I think I'm un-jet-lagged--and ready for spring break!

The photograph is snow on my Jack in the Box Antenna topper!


Rachel said...

What an odd winter...I think the west side got more snow this winter than we did! This is coming to us as rain...same as last week when the west side was hit (I was over there trying to work) and the east side got a few flurries. Crazy!

KSD said...

May I just say that the Jack-in-the-Box guy CREEPS ME OUT.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I wondered what was wearing the snow hat. Well, it's an awfully cold storm because it's been cold way down here in the south. Loved the pictures!

Knitting can wait, it's nice to see the outdoor shots and flowers, too.