Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Duck Hat

The JSchool does a charity auction each year--people donate items or services, we bid on them, and we give all the money raised to a local charity to fight hunger (FOOD for Lane County). In the past, I've auctioned off knitting lessons, but this year I saw this cute Duck hat on Ravelry and offered to knit it for a lucky winner. My colleague, Kwija, also a knitter, won it for her son. And I spent a few hours yesterday knitting it up.

That sounds so casual, like I do Fair Isle every day. I don't, but I did a good job on this--caught floats, didn't make it too tight, fixed boo boos as they occured. And it didn't really take too long--the corrugated rib was the slowest part. So I built a skill while contributing to a good cause! AWESOME!

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Nance in the Middle said...

You did an AMAZING job :)