Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springing forward

So yes, we moved the clocks ahead, and of course it feels like a whackadoodle day. We're trying to get us all on a schedule--the dogs are now eating at their 'summer time' dinner time which is a bit more convenient for all of us!
What is that, you say? You need more baby hats? Well, really, no one is saying that but I do have one last one to show you. I have one more on the needles (well, on the needle, somehow I lost one of my circs that I was using for the baby hat and it is now on a magic lop) but I think I've reached saturation. Although I do like looking at them all on top of the filing cabinet waiting for babies to be born!

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KSD said...

And I suspect you're gathering good amounts of yarn for hexipuffs. . .