Sunday, May 06, 2012

And it grows

IMG_4289 by kbshee
IMG_4289, a photo by kbshee on Flickr.

So I think this shawl is about three or four feet long now, so I'm more than halfway through. If I do this shawl again (and it is fun to 'thinking' row followed by three 'mindless' rows) I'll pick something with much more contrasts. Oh well. Live and learn. It will go with a lot, though.

I've also cast on for a cardigan made out of hemp yarn (allhemp3, and it is the Flaming June from Knitty. I wanted to use the recommended yarn since I've never knit with hemp before, and I bought two colors of blue (which was all the store had left).

Hemp is not fun to knit with.

But more on that later.

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KSD said...

Awwwww. . . And I just bought some hemp. For knitting. . . you know.