Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well, usually I'm not a big fan of the summer issues of IK (and I didn't like the Spring issue SO MUCH that I didn't even write a review of it), but this one, is, ready for it:

Not bad.

The Good: I think there are 24 patterns, all knit in lightweight yarns, all pretty and summery, etcetera. My favorite is by far the Bethany wrap  and in fact I even bought the yarn for it. There's a hat, and some jewelry, and a pair of cute gloves. 

The Bad: The summer tops are just kind of odd. They're kind of bulky and make the models look chunky. Then there's a sleeveless one with a hoodie pocket that leaves me scratching my head.

The Ugly: So sorry IK, but there is no reason for this to exist out of a bad 1980s disco movie: The Planche Top . Even its name is ugly.

Bottom line: well, considering that the last issue was so lame I couldn't even review it, we'll call this a win for IK, shall we?


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Thanks so much for the timely review.

Good call on the Planche top but I couldn't get Bethany to load. The Pianissimo mitts, Coquette Vest, Summer Blooms Shawl, and Memensha are all very nice, too. Counting up patterns, this issue might be flagged a "buy" for me.

Seaglass is an amazing piece but it might be a pain to wear it. The wearer might have to "glue it down" across the back of her hips.

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks--and the link on the Bethany wrap is fixed now.