Friday, May 18, 2012

Two reviews in one week! Awesome!

I wasn't that crazy about the first Jane Austen is just a bit too twee for me. This one continues with the tweeness (the articles include stories about regency era hats, sheep and dressmaking, plus some other literary stuff that I'm just not interested in). But there are a bunch of patterns that are pretty nice, specifically the mitts on the cover (Hetty's Sunday Cuffs). If you can get past the uber-twee names (calling bags reticules just makes me roll my eyes), you might find something to knit.

There are two sweaters I love, An Aran for Annie and the Camden Place Cardigan. Unfortunately, this last one uses a merino/bamboo yarn that is way out of my price range, and its drapey enough that I"m scared to sub a less expensive yarn. Any thoughts?

There are smaller projects that are cute, including socks and Miss Jane's Hat (eyeroll again). I'm skipping the fichu, because it has lace and a twee name.

All in all, a good investment for some sweet patterns.

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KSD said...

I like "Emma's Chemise," except something seems off with the armholes/shoulders.

I love it when you use "twee."