Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodbye to my Sweet Girl

Juneau left us yesterday. On Tuesday, the vets said that she probably had a few good days left. We had a nice walk on Wednesday morning and her appetite was good. On Wednesday afternoon, she seemed to be getting weaker before our eyes. Our evening walk about 200 feet and her legs were very shaky.Yesterday morning she ate a bit, but by noon she couldn't even stand up. So we gently carried her to our Vet, who found a quiet place outside to tell her goodbye. We were cautioned that when she starting going downhill, it could be very fast. And it was. We're grateful she felt great up until her last day, and that we could be with her to the end. She is a documented miracle and will live in our hearts forever.


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zippiknits...sometimes said...

May she meet you again at the rainbow bridge, if it's only in dreams. She was a very good girl. She really will live in your hearts forever. It is a kind and loving place to be.